Scientists from the Russian Academy of Science and Moscow State University were recently hosted at Montgomery Botanical Center while studying the living palm collections. Dr. Mikhail Romanov, Dr. Alexy Bobrov, and two colleagues stayed in the Arthur Montgomery Guest House and collected palm fruits for anatomy and developmental studies.

Dr. Romanov presented a lecture titled Fruit type and putamen structure in Borassoid palms (Arecaceae-Coryphoideae), which was attended by a number of plantMonocots IV in Copenhagen.

Following the lecture, Dr. Romanov and his colleagues discussed terminology and technique with the attendees. MBC Executive Director Dr. Patrick Griffith stated,  “I was very happy to have so many anatomists here for the lecture; facilitating an informal discussion between American and Russian experts helps advance our understanding of plant development.”

While here, our colleagues from Russia highlighted the value of living botanical collections, noting that developmental studies of this type are made possible through well curated live collections.