Collections-Based Research

at Montgomery Botanical Center
Montgomery Botanical Center
is dedicated to advancing science through living plant collections.

MBC Research Pages

Montgomery Botanical Center is a living research resource. MBC’s primary visitors are botanists, particularly those who study palms and cycads. MBC also serves entomologists, geologists, and scientists in many other disciplines.

Specializing in living plant research collections, MBC maintains: genetically diverse population samples of wild-collected palms and cycads; thorough documentation of each plant; the ability to manipulate plants as required by research protocols; security and protection for the study plants over the length of a project; and on-site accommodations on a space-available basis.

Montgomery Botanical Center’s population-based collections strive to represent the full morphologic and genetic diversity within a species, throughout its known native geographic range. Internationally, MBC is considered a leading garden with respect to the amount and accessibility of documentation associated with plants in the living collections.

Research material from MBC’s collections is often shipped to researchers off-site.