Using the Montgomery Living Collections
Living collections are vital for basic scientific research.

The collections at Montgomery Botanical Center have been structured and curated specifically to serve the research and educational community. This follows the tradition of Colonel Robert Montgomery, and the MBC Founder, Nell Montgomery. Below, works which utilized the living collections at MBC are listed. The collections have been used for evolutionary, taxonomic, physiological, ecological, structural, and horticultural research, and also for textbooks, reference books, and popular works.


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Photo of Zhang Yong-Jiang using a microscope
Photo of Zhang Yong-Jiang using a microscope
Photo of Zhang Yong-Jiang using a microscope

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The cover of the 2016 edition of The Botany of Mangroves by Dr. Philip Barry Tomlinson
The cover of the 2016 edition of The Botany of Mangroves by Dr. Philip Barry Tomlinson
The cover of the 2016 edition of The Botany of Mangroves by Dr. Philip Barry Tomlinson

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The cover of the 2016 edition of The Botany of Mangroves by Dr. Philip Barry Tomlinson
The cover of the 2016 edition of The Botany of Mangroves by Dr. Philip Barry Tomlinson
The cover of the 2016 edition of The Botany of Mangroves by Dr. Philip Barry Tomlinson
The cover of the 2016 edition of The Botany of Mangroves by Dr. Philip Barry Tomlinson
The cover of the 2016 edition of The Botany of Mangroves by Dr. Philip Barry Tomlinson

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The cover of The Cycad Newsletter March to June 2014
The cover of The Cycad Newsletter March to June 2014

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The cover of the IUCN Species Survival Commission Guidelines on the use of Ex situ Management for Species Conservation
Photo of Dr. Larry Noblick and
The Cover of Public Garden Management: A Global Perspective: Volume I by Bijan Dehgan
Photo of a woman standing next o a very very large palm tree

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Photo of students in the lab
Photo of a student taking notes on a cycad
Photo of a man taking photos of a trap in a tree
Photo of Dr. Dennis W. Stevenson inspecting a plant in the lab
The cover of The Cycad Newsletter December 2014
Photo of Chris Krieg investigating resource acquisition in a cycad
Photo of Dr. Denis W. Stevenson in the lab
Photo of Dr. Patrick Griffith with other scientists at the Montgomery Botanical Center

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Photo of scientists inspecting cycad cones
Photo of Drs. Lorena Ramírez-Restrepo, Sandy Koi, and Ian MacGregor-Fors collecting Eumaeus atala (or the Coontie Hairstreak Butterfly or ) in Zamia pumila (Coontie)
Photo of Dr. Larry Noblick and Suelen Alves Vianna in the lab with a Acrocromia frond
A Photo of Cristina Lopez Gallego with a Zamia species
A photo of Carlos Martel taking a sampling of sugar from the flowering structure of a palm
Photo of Dr. Philip Barry Tomlinson in the lab
Photo of Nathalie Gil inspecting seeds through a microscope

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Photo of a Plant Biologists of South Florida Meeting in 2012
Photo of Dr. James Emory Eckenwalder
Photo of three men inspecting a cycad
Photo of Angela Cano studying a young palm
Photo of Tracy Magellan using a Microscope

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Photo of Dr. Irene Terry and William Tang inspecting a cycad
Cover of Australian Palms: Biogeography, Ecology and Systematics by John Leslie Dowe
Photo of Dr. Christian Schulz, Ron Determann, and Patrick Knoft
Photo of Dr. Chad Husby and Dr. John Popenoe with a conifer
Photo of Scientists studying a tree
Photo of a group of researchers in the nursery

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Photo of Dr. Barry Tomlinson talking with Dr. Christopher Quinn

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Photo of Zhang Yong-Jiang using a microscope
Photo of Dr. Angélica Cibrián Jaramillo and Dr. Damon P. Little near a cycad
Photo of researchers inspecting a Thrinax specimen
The Cover of Le Palmier

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Photo of Ian Cole
Photo scientist using digital microscopy
Photo of Dr. Larry Noblick inspecting the fruiting body of a palm
Photo of Dr. Jack Fisher measuring a palm stem circumference
Photo of a group of scientists at Montgomery Botanical Center

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Photo of Dr. Barry Tomlinson inspecting a palm at the water's edge
Photo of Dr. Dennis Stevenson with a cycad
Photo of Dr. Larry Noblick and Dr. Bee Gunn with a palm
Photo of Dr. Larry Noblick using the computer
Photo of researchers using a laptop
Photo of scientists during a luncheon
Photo of scientist attempting microcycas pollination by hand

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Archive Photo of Nell Montgomery

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