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Martin-Rami Fund Sponsors Tree Planting at Montgomery Botanical Center

In August of 2010, Montgomery Botanical Center announced the initiation of the Martin-Rami Fund, which sponsors tree planting at MBC. The Martin-Rami Fund is the vision of Mrs. Beatriz Eugenia Cardona de Tessy, who shares the same commitment to living trees as the MBC team.

Everyone agrees that one of the best things you can do is to establish a tree. Trees provide shade, clean the air, provide habitat for birds, and beautify the landscape. Planting a tree is the first step, but caring for that tree, nurturing and monitoring it as it develops, and ensuring its health are equally essential. Trees planted at MBC are carefully tended and thrive in the botanic garden setting. Beyond the important benefits that all trees provide, trees at MBC also function as important research and education resources. Many trees at MBC are the only representatives of their species in the United States. Caring for rare and imperiled tree species in the garden helps ensure that these living treasures do no go extinct.

Thus, the Martin-Rami Fund, by sponsoring tree planting at MBC, enables four fundamental conservation functions; improving our environment; providing an educational resource for students; contributing to scientific research; and ensuring against extinction.

The Tree Fund was founded when our son Martin Joseph Tessy was born in February 16  2009, as a way to celebrate his life. We felt very grateful and had the desire to give back to earth. Back then, we used to live in a condo in Aventura and we did not have a garden to plant the tree on. We looked for various alternatives online but the best solution was found through Tracy Magellan & Patrick Griffith  at the Montgomery Botanical Center, where they would not only plant the tree, but also ensure it is cared and nurtured for. Six months later, we had received some very sad news – Paul’s best friend’s son, Rami Chirara, who at the time was an 11 year old boy living in Senegal, Africa, unexpectedly passed away from an aneurysm. In less than 8 months, we experienced the joy of life & the pain of death. For the purpose of closing this cycle and healing collectively, we initiated the Martin-Rami Fund. The Martin-Rami Fund sponsors living trees in honor of Martin Joseph Tessy and his guardian angel Rami Chirara. Their loving awareness inspires this gift to the earth, as everyone, regardless of their circumstances, may contribute to the planting of a tree in a simple and sustainable way.

-Beatriz Eugenia Cardona de Tessy

“When I spoke with Beatriz and found out that she was interested in planting trees at MBC I was thrilled. Every year we have about 1,200 trees to plant and every bit of help is greatly appreciated. I was also happy to hear that Beatriz had created the Rami-Martin Fund to support continued tree planting at MBC. This program supports MBC’s mission of conservation at its most fundamental level, by helping us grow the trees that are so important,” stated Tracy Magellan, MBC Outreach Manager.

Dr. Patrick Griffith, MBC Executive Director, states: “I’m thrilled with the vision and colleagueship of Mrs. Tessy Cardona. She first spoke about her vision with Tracy last year, and then Beatriz brought her family and friends to MBC to plant some important trees last June. Now, Beatriz has made a greater commitment, and is involving a wider group. Planting trees is at the heart of what we do at MBC. I’m truly grateful for Beatriz and the Martin-Rami Fund, who help enable that important work.” .

Fondo Martín-Rami patrocina la siembra de árboles en Montgomery Botanical Center

Agosto 2010: Botanical Center se complace en anunciar el inicio del Fondo Martín-Rami, que patrocina la siembra de árboles en MBC. El Fondo Martín-Rami es la visión de la señora Beatriz Eugenia Cardona de Tessy, quien comparte el mismo compromiso a los árboles vivos que el equipo de MBC.

Todos están de acuerdo que una de las mejores cosas que se pueden hacer es sembrar un árbol. Los árboles proporcionan sombra, limpian el aire, proveen hábitat para las aves, y embellecen el paisaje. La siembra de un árbol es el primer paso, pero su cuidado, el seguimiento de su desarrollo y el velar por su salud tienen igual importancia. Los árboles plantados en MBC son cuidadosamente atendidos y prosperan en el entorno del jardín botánico.

Más allá de los beneficios importantes que todos los árboles proveen, los árboles en MBC son utilizados para investigaciones científicas y como recursos educativos. Muchos árboles en MBC son los únicos representantes de su especie en los Estados Unidos. El cuidado en el jardín botánico de especies de árboles poco comunes y amenazados ayuda a asegurar que estos tesoros vivos no se extingan.

De esta manera, el Fondo Martín-Rami, mediante el patrocinio de la siembra de árboles en MBC, promueve cuatro funciones fundamentales para la conservación: el mejoramiento de nuestro medio ambiente, el suministro de un recurso educativo para estudiantes, la contribución a la investigación científica y el aseguramiento contra la extinción.

“El Fondo Martín-Rami patrocina árboles vivientes en honor a Martín Joseph Tessy Cardona y su ángel guardián Rami Chirara. Su conciencia amorosa inspira este regalo al planeta, así como todo el mundo, independientemente de su situación, puede contribuir a la siembra de un árbol de una manera sencilla y sostenible.”

-Beatriz Eugenia Cardona de Tessy

“Cuando hablé con Beatriz y descubrí que ella estaba interesada en la siembra de árboles en MBC, me emocioné. Cada año tenemos más de 1000 árboles para plantar y cada pedacito de ayuda es muy preciada,“ declaró Tracy Magellan, Administradora de Extensión de MBC.

Dr. Patrick Griffith, Director Ejecutivo de MBC, declara: “Estoy inspirado por la visión y compañerismo de la señora Cardona. Después de discutir sus ideas con Tracy, Beatriz trajo a su familia y amigos a MBC para plantar algunos árboles importantes en junio pasado. Ahora, Beatriz ha planteado un mayor compromiso para la siembra de árboles con la participación de un grupo más amplio. La siembra de árboles está en el corazón de lo que hacemos en MBC. Yo estoy verdaderamente agradecido con Beatriz y el Fondo Martín-Rami, que ayudan a hacer posible ese importante trabajo.”

Montgomery Botanical Center’s core mission is to develop and conserve a scientifically valuable collection of palms and cycads. The pace of extinction for wild populations of palms and cycads is accelerating at an alarming rate. Permitting, collecting seeds, and exporting plant materials are all becoming increasingly difficult and expensive, with some countries closing their borders to all scientific studies.

You can play a vital role in providing a world-class international scientific collection for research, study, and conservation. Please consider a tax deductible contribution to Montgomery Botanical Center to support our present and future efforts.

We look forward to many more discoveries!

Martin-Rami Tree Planting Fund

To sponsor a tree via the Martin-Rami Fund, please send $100 per tree for a group tree planting (scheduled when minimum of 3 trees met) or $300 per tree for a private tree planting, the name of the person, the person’s birth date, and whether the donation is in honor of or in memory of the individual.

You can play a vital role in providing a world-class international scientific collection for research, study, and conservation.


Martin Rami Fund
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Thank you, in advance, for your consideration and support!

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration and support!