Montgomery was recently recognized by the School Board of Miami-Dade County. A proclamationsponsored by Ms. Raquel Regalado, the School Board Member whose district includes MBC, listed the numerous ways MBC helps advance education, and commends Montgomery for its “dedication to preserving the environment, as well as for advancing research, conservation and education through scientific plant collections.” The proclamation was unanimously put forward by the School Board on March 13, 2013.

Dr. Chad Husby, Collections Manager, gratefully accepted the proclamation on behalf of Montgomery. Chad was given the opportunity to address the School Board and the public attendees, speaking about the ways MBC plants have been used in education, and how that serves the MBC mission. Chad stated, “Montgomery Botanical Center has a long history of introducing students in Miami-Dade County to the wonders of the plant world and engaging them in the exciting work of a botanic garden focused on science and conservation.”

Montgomery Botanical Center continues to find many ways that research plants can help advance education. For more information, see the education webpage.