The Montgomery Board, Members, and supporters gathered on the evening of November 1st to honor the family of Charles and Dorothy Sacher, who generously funded the restoration of the 1932 Montgomery Greenhouse.

The original greenhouse was built for Colonel Montgomery in 1932, the same year he established his plant collection and built his home in Coral Gables. Over the last 80 years, the greenhouse has continuously served the Montgomery mission — most every plant in the collection started out as a seedling in that greenhouse.

Careful assessment by a preservation architect, provided by the Conservation Assessment Program, determined that critical repairs were needed to ensure the 1932 structure could continue its important service.

Charles and Dorothy’s sons and their families — Charles S. and Ana Sacher, Richard and Annamaria Sacher, and John and Ana Sacher — provided the full support needed for this important work, in honor of Charles and Dorothy’s 50th wedding anniversary.

We greatly appreciate the great leadership shown by Charles S. Sacher, his brothers, and their wives in providing this generous support. Please join us in thanking the Sacher family, and congratulating Charles and Dorothy on their golden anniversary!

Plaque reads: Restoration of the 1932 Montgomery Greenhouse in honor of Charles P. & Dorothy C. Sacher on their 50th Anniversary, given by their family.