Tessy tree planting at Montgomery Botanical CenterMontgomery Botanical Center is pleased to announce the initiation of the Martin-Rami Fund, which sponsors tree planting at MBC. The Martin-Rami Fund is the vision of Mrs. Beatriz Eugenia Cardona de Tessy – Genita, who shares the same commitment to living trees as the MBC team.   

Everyone agrees that one of the best things you can do is to establish a tree. Trees provide shade, clean the air, provide habitat for birds, and beautify the landscape. Planting a tree is the first step, but caring for that tree, nurturing and monitoring it as it develops, and ensuring its health are equally essential. Trees planted at MBC are carefully tended and thrive in the botanic garden setting.

  Martin Joseph Tessy Tree LabelBeyond the important benefits that all trees provide, trees at MBC also function as important research and education resources. Many trees at MBC are the only representatives of their species in the United States. Caring for rare and imperiled tree species in the garden helps ensure that these living treasures do no go extinct.  

Thus, the Martin-Rami Fund, by sponsoring tree planting at MBC, enables four fundamental conservation functions; improving our environment; providing an educational resource for students; contributing to scientific research; and ensuring against extinction.  

Genita writes, “The Martin-Rami Fund sponsors living trees in honor of Martin Joseph Tessy Cardona, and his guardian angel Rami Chirara. Their loving awareness inspires this gift to the earth, as everyone, regardless of their situation, may contribute to the planting of a tree in a simple and sustainable way.”  

Tessy tree planting at Montgomery.“When I spoke with Genita and found out that she was interested in planting trees at MBC I was thrilled. Every year we have over 1,000 trees to plant and every bit of help is greatly appreciated,” stated Tracy Magellan, MBC Outreach Manager.  

Dr. Patrick Griffith, MBC Executive Director, states: “I’m inspired by the vision and colleagueship of Mrs. Cardona. After discussing her ideas with Tracy, Genita brought her family and friends to MBC to plant some important trees last June. Now, Genita has made a greater commitment, and is involving a wider group. Planting trees is at the heart of what we do at MBC. I’m truly grateful for Genita and the Martin-Rami Fund, which help enable that important work.”