Painting by Linda Apriletti of Nypa palms at Montgomery Botanical Center.The South Florida Palm Society had their Spring 2009 Sale at Montgomery Botanical Center this weekend.  Vendors had rare palms and cycads, along with many landscape industry classics, for sale.

The SFPS palm sale gives MBC the opportunity to educate the community about our mission and conservation efforts.  During the event, MBC gave guided tours of our 120 acre collection. “It was great to have so many people come in who share our love of palms,” stated Tracy Magellan.

Considered to be the “World’s Largest Palm Sale,” there were 20 palm vendors in attendance and one artist, Linda Apriletti.  Linda has many paintings of our palm collection in her portfolio.  This painting shows Nypa fruticans, which grows in our brackish ponds.

SFPS has an excellent tradition of supporting conservation efforts and palm research. The organization has funded a number MBC palm research expeditions, and also volunteered on landscape projects at MBC.