NTBG- Kampong Fairchild Medal 2011 Speakers visiting Montgomery Botanical Center (MBC).The National Tropical Botanic Garden at the Kampong awarded the 2011 David Fairchild Medal posthumously to Monty Beekman. Dr. Beekman’s medal was accepted by Faith Foss, Professor Beekman’s widow.

Dr. Beekman was professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and was recognized for his achievement in translating The Ambonese Herbal, Volumes 1 through 6, published by Yale University Press in collaboration with NTBG.

Montgomery display table at the Kampong.Dr. Peter Raven, president emeritus of Missouri Botanical Garden, and Dr. Henk van der Werff, Deputy Director of Research of Missouri Botanical Garden, presented the keynote address for the symposium.  Speakers included: Dr. Pieter Baas from the Netherlands Center for Biodiversity, Dr. Eric J. Buenz from Biosciential LLC, Dr. Michael R. Dove from Yale University, and Dr. Elizabeth A. Widjaja from Herbarium Bogoriense.

Montgomery Botanical Center and the John C. Gifford Arboretum of the University of Miami were co-sponsors of the event. MBC was happy to show our work to such an important group of distinguished visitors.