As part of its work in botanical education, The Kampong recently gave a course for physicians. Montgomery Botanical Center hosted the physicians and instructors for an afternoon of seminars, review of the living plant collections, and a brief introduction to the history and work of MBC.

The Kampong Physicians’ Course aims to connect traditional medicine and ethnobotany. This year’s course featured speakers from the south Florida area and also western Canada.  Physicians and medical students in the course gain insights from botany that can complement their medical practice. Outreach Manager Tracy Magellan states, “traditional medicine began with botany, and this course helps to keep that important connection. Plants still have many more potential benefits for medicine”

Montgomery Botanical Center and The Kampong frequently work together to advance botanical education and horticultural conservation. This cooperative spirit continues the friendship of Col. Montgomery and Dr. Fairchild into the modern era through MBC and the National Tropical Botanical Garden.