Montgomery Botanical Center continues its support of research by hosting the 6th International BMAA Conference in the Nixon Smiley Building for three days.  45 scientists from 18 institutions around the world attended the conference.  The countries included were the United States, Sweden, France, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands, and England.

BMAA is a cyanobacterial neurotoxin that has been found in the brains of those who suffer from ALS and Alzheimer’s disease.   Montgomery Botanical Center has been involved in BMAA research through its cycad collection for years.  Cycas micronesica is an interesting species studied due to the high incidence of ALS in Guam and the potential correlation or association between the BMAA in Cycas micronesica and ALS.  Conserving rare species like Cycas micronesica is important for botanists and medical researchers alike.

Dr. Paul Cox stated, “The Nixon Smiley meeting room was perfect for our conference.  The audio/visual system functioned perfectly, and the kitchen and terrace overlooking the pond were fantastic for our lunches.”

Montgomery Botanical Center was happy to host BMAA scientists at the Arthur Montgomery Guesthouse as part of its ongoing support of research.