Montgomery Botanical Center’s research in palms and cycads was recently presented at Botany 2008, the annual conference of the Botanical Society of America and other plant science associations. Dr. Patrick Griffith, Executive Director, presented two talks at the meeting. Both research projects were accomplished through collaboration with other botanic gardens.

The first talk, Ex situ conservation efficacy: a study of Leucothrinax morrisii, presented an assessment of MBC collections development protocols, using new DNA data. This first DNA-based assessment of the Palm Collections found that MBC protocols succeed in capturing significant genetic diversity. This project was generously funded by the International Palm Society, and the work was performed in partnership with Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

A second talk on cycad phenology and phylogeny organized and investigated MBC collections data in the context of how plants are related. This project represents collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden, made possible by the generous support of the Kelly Foundation.

This conference was held in conjunction with The Canadian Botanical Association in Vancouver, British Columbia, and had the theme of ‘Botany without Borders.’ Montgomery Botanical’s broad international conservation partnerships echo that theme.