On Wednesday, Montgomery Botanical Center donated 34 plants and many seeds to Zelda Glazer Middle School for their Native Wildlife Habitat. Ana Casanova, a science teacher at Zelda Glazer Middle School, has been engaging her students in planting a vegetable garden and a native Florida wildlife habitat.  They are building an outdoor classroom and they even have their own greenhouse.  

Montgomery donated 25 Zamia floridana plants, 9 Sabal minor plants, wild coffee seeds, and silver palm seeds to the school.  The students were excited to have so many new plants for their wild habitat.  

Supporting science education—through living plant collections—is at the core of Montgomery Botanical Center’s mission.  

“It was great to see so many young students excited about all the new plants they will be adding to their garden,” Tracy Magellan said. “Zelda Glazer Middle School is a new school, opening in 2007, so there is a lot of space to grow a plant collection. Seeing the school actively support gardening by investing in a greenhouse and an outdoor classroom is inspiring.”