A very large group of dedicated volunteers — Boy Scouts, their families, and friends — came together today at Montgomery for the Eagle Scout project of Emerson King, Boy Scouts of America Troop 457.

The group built and donated two picnic tables, three bookcases, and two benches, and worked quickly and fastidiously to mulch each palm and cycad from the main entrance to Nell’s House, comprising Colonel Montgomery’s Royal Palm Colonnade.

The centerpiece of the project was the restoration of the 1934 Studio, which has served as the MBC Seedbank for over a decade. Emerson, his father, and a select group of Scouts worked to restore the plaster walls, build and finish the trim on the interior of the doorway, and prepare and paint the entire workspace.

“During 13 years of service as the MBC Seedbank, this modest room handled a very large volume of horticulture work,” states Patrick Griffith, MBC Executive Director. “Years of pollen, seeds, tools, soil, and all of the important work in here made this room ready for a restoration. This workspace has really been made new again!”

The MBC Seedbank propagates, collects, and distributes seed from MBC’s living plant collection. This program works through an agreement with the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association.

Tracy Magellan, MBC Outreach Manager, states, “Everything Emerson planned turned out great. The Royal Palm Colonnade was well-manicured, and up to our high horticultural standard. The Studio transformation was amazing. Troop 457 has really helped us out this year, and we look forward to more Eagle Scout projects in the future.”