Florida Turf Digest Cover Story Featuring Montgomery

The current issue of Florida Turf Digest features MBC on the cover. The article, Saltwater Intrusion in the Biscayne Aquifer: a case study at the Montgomery Botanical Center, discusses the effects of regional water management history with an in-depth review of how this has been observed onsite.

Cover of Florida Turf DigestThe article by Lee Anderson, MBC Superintendent, highlights the challenges of managing freshwater irrigation for a garden, with diverse plant collections, supplied by the Biscayne Aquifer, which also supplies the thriving agriculture and metropolitan region of South Florida. The history of MBC wells and plantings in this context can illustrate how water resources can change over time, and how a botanic garden must adapt to these changes.

Florida Turf Digest is published by the Florida Turf Management Association, which is dedicated to environmentally-responsible, professional, and scientifically-based management practices for turfgrass.