UM School of Law HOPE students at Montgomery Botanical Center.Nine student volunteers from the University of Miami‘ s Helping Others Through Pro Bono Efforts (HOPE) came to Montgomery Botanical Center and helped with a large-scale mulching project. They mulched all of the tropical conifer beds in three hours! Having  nine extra hands to help with the project saved MBC days of work.

Montgomery Botanical Center has a growing tropical conifer collection with many extremely rare species. Mulching ameliorates the soil microclimate, provides habitat for beneficial insects, and slowly releases nutrients for the plants.

Montgomery Botanical Center is very thankful to all the students who helped out. The University of Miami School of Law’s HOPE Public Interest Resource Center sent hundreds of law students to approximately 20 sites across Miami-Dade County through the Annual HOPE Day of Service.  MBC is glad to have been one of the 20 participating institutions.