In February of 2012 James Clugston, MBC Botanical Research Fellow from Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, was inspired to develop Montgomery TV to educate the public around the world about MBC’s research collections.

Montgomery Botanical Center now has a YouTube channel, Montgomery TV. On Montgomery TV you can see short films about different plants in the collection.

“I developed the concept of Montgomery TV to help communicate the fascination and beauty of the collections and science that have made such an impact on me and others who visit,” said James.

Chad Husby, MBC Collections Manager, saw the potential for this medium: “Visitors to MBC often express surprise that they had not heard of such a beautiful and world class garden sooner, sometimes calling it a “well kept secret.” Montgomery TV provides a powerful tool for raising public awareness of the garden and the exciting botanical work being done here.”

Executive Director Patrick Griffith states, “I was thrilled to see that James Clugston brought this additional talent – filmmaker – to the Research Fellows Program. Having James showcase the botanical work we are doing, in moving pictures, is an added bonus.”

Please visit Montgomery TV on YouTube; take a look at the films and subscribe to our channel.

The Kelly Botanical Research Fellows program at MBC is generously funded by the Kelly Foundation. This program brings established experts and early-career botanists to Montgomery to work with the plant collection and the Montgomery Team.