Rare Tropical Fruit Conference and Montgomery

Photo of a presentation at the Rare Tropical Fruit ConferenceFrom July 9th-13th, the Tropical Fruit & Vegetable Society of the Redlands and the Fruit & Spice Park sponsored the 2014 Rare Tropical Fruit Conference. Montgomery Botanical Center was delighted to be involved in two portions of the conference. MBC was pleased to welcome 60 conference delegates on a tour on July 10. On July 13, Juanita Popenoe, from the MBC Board of Directors, gave a conference lecture titled, “Wilson Popenoe, The Original Indiana Jones.”

Dr. Juanita Popenoe is the University of Florida’s Lake County Extension Director and Commercial Ornamental Horticulture Agent III. She is the author of more than 72 publications and more than 15 professional presentations. She also comes from a family of botanists and horticulturists. Dr. John Popenoe, Juanita’s father, was the longtime Director of Fairchild, served on the MBC Board of Directors, continues as the Botanical Consultant for Montgomery and has been involved with the organization for over 50 years. Juanita’s great uncle, Wilson Popenoe, lived many adventures while plant collecting and these adventures were the inspiration for the talk given by Juanita.