Miami Dade College’s Palm Diversity & Maintenance class visited MBC to assist with the summer planting. The course teaches identification and good maintenance practices for the major species of palms commonly found in South Florida.  

MBC has a history of using good maintenance practices and valuing exemplary botanic design.  During the 2010 summer planting season, a total of 1,150 plants will go in the ground,  600 of which will be palms.  

MBC’s wild-collected, population-based, tropical plant collections are extraordinary in their scientific, conservation, and educational value.  “Montgomery Botanical Center takes great pride in educating students on proper palm planting techniques.  As an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College, I know that hands on activities solidify ideas and techniques discussed in class.  Exposing students to the application of methods taught in class allows them to better absorb the information,” said Tracy Magellan.