The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) recently celebrated its 45th anniversary in South Florida.  Montgomery Botanical Center hosted a luncheon at Nell’s House for the OTS Boards, and gave a tour of the living plant collections.

There is significant overlap between the missions of OTS and MBC. Tracy Magellan and Michael Calonje of MBC have both conducted tropical research at OTS facilities in Costa Rica. The Miami meeting of OTS was coordinated by Christiane Tyson, MBC Honorary Member. The Kampong, The Gifford Arboretum, and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden also participated in the meeting. Montgomery Botanical Center looks forward to continued advancement of tropical botany through collaboration with the OTS.

The OTS, headquartered at Duke University, is a non-profit international consortium of universities and research institutes dedicated to strengthening education, research and rational use of natural resources in the tropics. Its member institutions are throughout the United States, Latin America, South Africa and Australia.