MBC and other botanic gardens have vitally important plant collections. At times, these gardens must cope with new insect pests and new pathogens. Thankfully, a new partnership – the Sentinel Plant Network – is devoted to helping gardens with this critical work.

MBC was delighted to host horticulture colleagues from Vizcaya, The Wertheim Conservatory, USDA Chapman Field, Fairchild, and as far away as Naples Botanical Garden for a one-day workshop on the Sentinel Plant Network. At the workshop, participants worked with experts from the USDA and the University of Florida: Dr. Colette Jacono, Dr. Keith Clancy, Dr. Monica Elliot, and Ms. Stephanie Stocks. The group discussed how to detect and identify pathogens and pests, and how to access the combined expertise of the network.

The Sentinel Plant Network is an initiative to help botanic gardens in the United States coordinate on the detection and management of invasive pests. It is a cooperative partnership between botanic gardens, the USDA, and the American Public Garden Association.