Patricia Siemen, Director of the Center for Earth Jurisprudence at St. Thomas University, visited MBC with six law students. Their visit coincided with the last meeting for a course on Earth Jurisprudence. The students remarked that seeing the work of MBC firsthand “brought the lessons from the seminar home,” by exemplifying conservation practice.

Coral Gables Mayor Don Slesnick came to MBC to discuss how the City of Coral Gables has greened their community. Mayor Slesnick cited MBC as a leading example of a green organization in Coral Gables, noting that “the greenest thing you can do is plant a tree.” The Mayor’s conversation with the students also highlighted the value of historical preservation; “One way we can decrease our carbon footprint is by restoring old buildings with new green technologies. Tearing down an old building to build a new one uses far more resources than restoring the old building.”

The Mayor’s visit to MBC comes on the one year anniversary of “Montgomery Botanical Center Day in Coral Gables” established by proclamation as April 29, 2009, and also on the 85th birthday of the City.