Montgomery Botanical Center was honored to co-sponsor the 22nd Gifford Arboretum Lecture  at the University of Miami. Dr. John Kress of the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution gave a lecture titled, DNA Barcoding in Plants: The Future of Identification, Discovery, and Conservation of Tropical Biodiversity.” Dr. John Kress’s work investigates tropical biology, ethnobotany, evolution, and plant systematics. “DNA barcoding, when developed, will make importing and exporting plants from country to country easier.  There will be less confusion about what should or should not be transported.  I look forward to seeing this come into fruition in my lifetime,” states Tracy Magellan.

After the lecture, John Kress signed his latest book, The Weeping Goldsmith.  The book chronicles his experiences exploring for plants in the isolated country of Myanmar.

“The Gifford Arboretum always brings such wonderful speakers to our community; it was very inspiring to hear Dr. Kress speak about the great barcoding work. This novel way to study and conserve plant diversity will provide all kinds of great insights into plant biology. The Gifford Arboretum is a great organization and a unique resource, and MBC is always happy to co-sponsor The Gifford Lecture,” said Executive Director Dr. Patrick Griffith.