Dr. Alan Meerow, Research Geneticist at Chapman Field (USDA-ARS-SHRS) gave a public lecture at MBC on Wednesday, August 6, titled, Phylogeny of Cocoseae subtribe Attaleinae (Areceaceae) based on eight WRKY transcription factor loci. Dr. Meerow’s work involves a large number of specimens from the MBC palm collections, including Syagrus, Attalea, Butia, and related genera. Alan spoke about how these palms are related, based on his innovative DNA-based research. Dr. Larry Noblick, MBC Palm Biologist, is among the coauthors on the study, which will be included in the Proceedings of Monocots IV.

The Board of Directors of MBC has recognized Dr. Meerow as an MBC Honorary Member for his frequent collaboration and assistance with MBC’s botanical research and horticulture. Alan has participated in joint expeditions with the MBC Team, and advised and consulted on planting and scientific projects.

This ongoing collaboration has its roots in the colleagueship of Col. Robert Montgomery and Dr. David Fairchild, and the plant collections they founded at MBC and Chapman Field. MBC looks forward to continued collaborative advances in botany.