International Palm Society at Montgomery

Over 120 palm enthusiasts from around the world came to Miami this week for the International Palm Society Biennial. Delegates from over 20 countries – and from every habitable continent – visited South Florida palm habitats and gardens. The final day of their visit included an outdoor lunch, live music and guided tours at Montgomery.

Photo of Musicians at the 2014 International Palm Society BiennialThe MBC Team was delighted to welcome the group, and spent a great afternoon sharing the palm collection, landscapes, and seeds with the delegation. This was a rare opportunity to showcase Montgomery’s palm collection to a very enthusiastic, worldwide group of experts!

The International Palm Society (IPS) works to promote scientific and educational purposes for palms related to propagation, culture, conservation, care, and development. In addition to publishing the wonderful journal Palms, the IPS is a leading supporter of palm research and conservation projects through their Endowment Fund Grants. These grants have helped projects at MBC, including palm genetics research, and palm collecting expeditions.

Montgomery is especially grateful to our sponsors Jill Menzel and Redland Nursery for generously funding this event.