Montgomery Botanical Center’s (MBC) cycad biologist, Michael Calonje, has returned from MBC’s Panama 2007 expedition to Kuna Yala Province. A generous donation from MBC Heritage Member, Randal J. Moore, supported the expedition. Mr. Moore’s support also allowed for the participation of Dr. Alberto Taylor, cycad researcher at the University of Panama.

Extensive morphological measurements and field observations of two Zamia cunaria populations were taken by Michael Calonje and Dr. Taylor, leading to a greater understanding of the distribution and ecology of Zamia cunariaand laying the groundwork for further study. Successful international collaboration helped accomplish expedition objectives.

The nine-day expedition resulted in the addition to MBC’s collection of 471 seeds—representing eight species and 17 accessions—of palms and cycads. The scientific data, photographs, herbarium specimens and seeds collected during the expedition have greatly increased the scientific, educational, and conservation value of Montgomery Botanical Center’s collection.

For additional expedition information, please click on this link: MBC Panama 2007.