Hurricane Irma (2017)

Montgomery Botanical Center’s collection endured severe damage from Hurricane Irma. Support for recovery is appreciated. The staff at Montgomery is working hard to save what can be saved and clear out what did not survive. It is hard work, but we are staying positive while working on the recovery effort.

Photo of the fallen Ylang-Ylang in front of Nell's House

The great Ylang-Ylang that was in front of Nell’s House was felled by Hurricane Irma.

Major loss of fronds can be seen in this comparison. Some palms were also lost right near the building, on the right side.

Photos of Damage and Cleanup

With thousands of plants, historical properties, and a full staff of locals, planning and responding to major weather disasters can be a challenging undertaking. You can help us do both by contributing to our Disaster Recovery Fund.

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