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People at MBC



    M. Patrick Griffith
    Executive Director

    Montgomery Botanical Center
    11901 Old Cutler Road
    Miami, FL 33156 USA

    305-667-3800 ext. 105


Dr. M. Patrick Griffith
has led Montgomery Botanical Center since 2005 -- developing the team, focusing resources, and setting priorities to meet the mission.

Patrick has worked in leadershipliving collections management, herbarium curation, rare plant survey, floristic inventory, laboratory research, and land management, and for botanic gardens, universities, government, and private interests.

Patrick's academic activity has been in plant systematics and plant conservation, and is focused on living botanical collections.

As Executive Director, Patrick has worked to define, strengthen and promote an important contribution that Montgomery makes to this field – living collections-based conservation and research. Strategic planning for collections, capital improvements, development and collaboration is carefully aligned with the MBC mission, to grow outcomes in botany and horticulture.  


Doctor of Philosophy in Botany
Claremont Graduate University and Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Master of Business Administration
Florida International University

Master of Science in Biology
Sul Ross State University

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Botany
University of Texas at Austin


Capital projects

Loyd G. Kelly Conservation Nursery (2010-2013).

1932 Montgomery Greenhouse Restoration (2012).

Marion and Tex Haynes Patio (2011).

Chris Tyson Plant Conservation Building (2009-2010).

Arthur Montgomery Guesthouse Restoration (2007-2011).

Road upgrade project (2009-2011, 2015).

Nixon Smiley Meeting Room Upgrade (2006-2007).

Recent research (selected)

Griffith, M.P., G. Barber, J. Tucker Lima, M. Barros, C. Calonje, L.R. Noblick, M. Calonje, T.M. Magellan, M. Dosmann, T, Thibault, and N. Gerlowski. 2017. Plant Collection "Half-life:" Can Botanic Gardens Weather the Climate? Curator the Museum Journal 60(4): 395-410.

Griffith, M. P., M. Calonje, A. W. Meerow, J. Francisco-Ortega, L. Knowles, R. Aguilar, F. Tut, V. Sanchez, A. Meyer, L. R. Noblick, and T. M. Magellan. 2017. Will the ex situ protocols give similar results for closely related species? Biodiversity and Conservation. DOI: 10.1007/s10531-017-1400-2.

Griffith, M. P., J. de Freitas, M. Barros, and L. R. Noblick. 2017. Sabal antillensis (Arecaceae): a new palmetto species from the Leeward Antilles. Phytotaxa 303 (1): 056–064.

Griffith, M. P., M. Calonje, A. W. Meerow, F. Tut, A. T. Kramer, A. Hird, T. M. Magellan, and C. E. Husby. 2015. Can a botanic garden cycad collection capture the genetic diversity in a wild population? International Journal of Plant Sciences 176:1-10.

Cibrian Jaramillo, A., A. Hird, N. Oleas, H. Ma, A. W. Meerow, J. Francisco-Ortega, and M. P. Griffith. 2013. What is the Conservation Value of a Plant in a Botanic Garden? Using Indicators to Improve Management of ex situ Collections. Botanical Review.

Kay, J., A Strader, V. Murphy, L. Nghiem-Phu, M. Calonje, and M. P. Griffith 2011. Palma Corcho: A Case Study in Botanic Garden Conservation Horticulture and Economics. HortTechnology 21(4): 474-481.

Namoff, S., C. E. Husby, J. Francisco-Ortega, L. R. Noblick, C. E. Lewis, and M. P. Griffith. 2010. How well does a botanical garden collection of a rare palm capture the genetic variation in a wild population? Biological Conservation 143:1110-1117.

    [ Link to full publication list ]


Other recent articles (selected)

Griffith, M.P., F. Tut, W. Mesh, and M. Calonje. 2014. Eighteen people, three horses and three dogs: a cycad conservation expedition in southern Belize. Encephalartos - Journal of the Cycad Society of South Africa 116: 17-22.

Griffith, M. P., J. Francisco-Ortega, and A. Cibrian Jaramillo (eds.). 2013. Special Issue on Genetics and Plant Conservation in Latin America. Botanical Review.

Witcher, E. and P. Griffith. 2011. Remote sensing as a botanic garden tool. Arnoldia 69:23-32.

Griffith, M. P., C. E. Husby, and M. Calonje. 2010. Cycad collections development in the modern context: Challenges, opportunities, investments and outcomes. Proc. of the 4th Global Botanic Gardens Congress.

Griffith, P., and C. Husby. 2010. The price of conservation: measuring the mission and its cost. BGJournal 7: 12-14.

    [ Link to full publication list ]

Field experience

Bahamas (2017)

Belize (2008, 2014)

Bonaire (2017)

Cayman Islands (2012)

Cuba (2018)

Curacao (2017)

Dominican Republic (2017)
Mexico (2000, 2001) 

Mona Island (2012)

United States (1997-2017)

Trinidad & Tobago (2007)


Academic Committee, 9th International Conference on Cycad Biology (Cycad 2011).

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Biology, University of Miami.

Advisory Board, Gifford Arboretum, University of Miami.

Board of Directors,
The Friends of Chapman Field (2006-present), Tropical Flowering Tree Society (2008-2010), American Public Gardens Association (2015-present).

Chair, Host Committee (2014 - 2016), American Public Gardens Association 2016 Conference.

Co-chair, Cycad Specialist Group, IUCN Species Survival Commission.

Graduate Committee
Florida International University; University of Delaware.

Graduate Faculty,
College of Arts and Sciences, Florida International University.

Panelist, Institute of Museum and Library Services, National Science Foundation.

Moderator, American Public Garden Association Conference (2006, 2008, 2009, 2013), Cycad 2008, Cycad 2011.

Program Selection Committee
(2007-2009) American Public Garden Association.

for American Journal of Botany, Annals of Botany, Association of Zoological Horticulture, Austral Ecology, Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation, Biological Conservation, Biological Invasions, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society,
Biological Sciences, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, Botanical Review, Bradleya, Brittonia, CITES, Cladistics, Conservation Genetics, Diversity, Economic Botany, Forests, Haseltonia, HortScience, Industrial Crops and Products, Institute of Museum and Library Services, International Journal of Plant Sciences, International Palm Society, IUCN, IUCN-SOS, Journal of Arid Environments, Journal of Biogeography, Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Journal of Heredity, Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society, Madroño, Memoirs of The New York Botanical Garden, National Geographic Society, New Phytologist, Oryx, Palms, Phytotaxa, Plant Diversity, Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, Plant Systematics and Evolution, PLoS One, Public Garden, South Florida Palm Society, Systematic Botany, Taxon, Tree Genetics & Genomes, US Civilian Research & Development Foundation, University of Florida Extension Service.

Search Committee
, Department of Biology, University of Miami.


American Public Gardens Association

Association of Zoological Horticulture

Botanical Society of America

International Palm Society

Tropical Flowering Tree Society



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11901 Old Cutler Road Coral Gables, Florida  33156 USA
(305) 667-3800  •  FAX (305) 667-5984