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Hurricane Katrina and Montgomery's Collections




Below are photos illustrating the level of damage that Hurricane Katrina inflicted on the palm, cycad, and dicot collections at MBC. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Bismarckia nobilis snapped off in Coconut Grove Palmetum

Black olive uprooted in one of the tropical

Live oak tree felled in Asia cycad bed

Wild tamarind snapped off in cycad bed

Another black olive uprooted in the same tropical Zamia bed

This gumbo limbo that fell down narrowly missed several cycads

Zamia inermis plants barely escaped damage from a snapped tree

A large uprooted tree went down in an area where it did no damage

Gumbo limbo tree landed on the crown of a Cycas tansachana

Closeup of gumbo limbo branch on the crown of a Cycas tansachana

Cycas thouarsii uprooted by the wind

Encephalartos lehmanii escaped damage from a falling gumbo limbo

Several Syagrus botryophora palms were felled in the Palm Walk

Another Syagrus botryophora palm nearly toppled by the wind

Three lignum vitae trees
fell at the Gate House

Damage done to Shadehouse 2 (left) and Greenhouse 2 (right)

Palms (left) and cycads (right) toppled over in the nursery

Several Acrocomia aculeata (left) and Caryota rumphii (right) palms toppled

One of the two giant Corypha umbraculifera palms in the Lowlands was toppled



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