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Hurricane Katrina Cleanup and Recovery




Below are photos illustrating the cleanup and recovery efforts of the damage that Hurricane Katrina inflicted on the palm, cycad, and dicot collections at MBC. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Hostilio clears tree debris

Patrick and Christina work with other MBC staff to clear a tree blocking the Fairchild Research Center entrance

Christina and Patrick help Lee move a large gumbo limbo tree

Lee moves a downed gumbo
limbo tree off the Loop Road

Patrick, Christina, and Ericka assess
the best way to remove an oak tree

Christina prepares to start cutting
an oak tree that can't be saved

Christine clears tree limbs from on top of Cycas micronesica plants

Charles cuts up a black olive tree that fell in a tropical Zamia bed

Abbey and Charles clear a downed black olive, with several species of tropical zamias in the foreground

Vickie and Christine install a temporary shade cloth canopy to protect the shade-loving tropical zamias from sunburn

A 70-ton crane prepares to lift the giant Corypha umbraculifera in the Lowlands

Closer photos of the crane lifting the giant palm

The giant Corypha palm dwarfs the workers as it is hoisted back into place

Special thanks to Signature Trees & Palms and Gold Coast Crane Service
for their invaluable assistance in saving our giant Corypha palm!



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