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Contacting MBC





Visit Montgomery Botanical's Scientific Plant Collections

For more information please see our visitation page or contact:
Tracy Magellan, Outreach Manager
Phone: 305-667-3800 ext. 114

Scientific & Educational Use of MBC’s Botanical Collections

    Michael Calonje, Cycad Biologist
    Phone: 305-667-3800 ext. 112

    Dr. Larry Noblick, Palm Biologist
    Phone: 305-667-3800 ext. 104

    Flowering Trees/Conifers
Dr. Joanna Tucker Lima, Collections Manager
    Phone: 305-667-3800 ext. 102


MBC's business office is open 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Voice mail is available outside of regular business hours.

Annamaria Richcreek, Administrator
Montgomery Botanical Center

Old Cutler Road
Miami, FL  33156-4242  USA

Phone: 305-667-3800 ext. 100
Fax: 305-661-5984

Contributions, Donations & Bequests

If you would like to join in MBC’s commitment to advancing research, conservation, and education through scientific plant collections, please contact:

Dr. M. Patrick Griffith, Executive Director
Montgomery Botanical Center

Old Cutler Road
Miami, Florida 33156-4242  USA

Phone: 305-667-3800 ext. 105

Horticulturally-oriented Questions & Requests

Please contact your county extension service, local public gardens, plant societies, and horticultural hot-lines. Your local newspaper’s garden section often lists appropriate contacts. Or begin an online search by going to our Links page.

Questions Regarding MBC’s Scientific Databases

Collections Database
Claudia Calonje, Collections Database Supervisor
Phone: 305-667-3800 ext. 103 (vmail ext. 325)

Mapping Database
Michelle Barros, Collections Specialist
Phone: 305-667-3800 ext. 113

MBC/FNGLA Seedbank Program

Jessica Sparks, Seedbank Coordinator
Phone: 305-667-3800 ext. 131

Volunteer Opportunities for Individuals and Groups

Tracy Magellan, Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 305-667-3800 ext. 114

Use of The Montgomery Archive

Email Archive
Phone: 305-667-3800 ext. 105

Our Mailing List

To keep informed about Montgomery Botanical Center, please request to be included on our mailing list. Using regular mail or the email link below, please provide your full name and address and let us know how you heard about MBC and/or our newsletter.

Annamaria Richcreek, Administrator
Montgomery Botanical Center
11901 Old Cutler Road
Miami, Florida  33156-4242  USA

You can also view issues of Montgomery Botanical's newsletter from this website.

Problems with the MBC Website?

If you are experiencing difficulties with our website or find an error, please let us know. Please email us with the problem and the address (URL) of the specific page. Thank you!

MBC’s Team


Collections Development


Please see our new Interns page.

Horticulture & Facilities

Lee Anderson, Superintendent (ext. 126)

Horticulture Team   

  • Stella Cuestas, Curator of Cycads (vmail ext. 313)
  • Marco Perez-Alvarez, Assistant Curator of Cycads
  • Laurie Danielson, Curator of Palms (vmail ext. 318)
  • Andrew Street, Assistant Palm Curator
  • Christina Dupuy, Curator of Trees (vmail ext. 312)
  • Vickie Murphy, Nursery Curator (vmail ext. 316)

Grounds Team    

  • Xavier Gratacos, Landscape Supervisor (ext. 121)
  • Hostilio Torres, Equipment Operator (vmail ext. 307)
  • Mario Borroto, Landscaper (vmail ext. 309)
  • Jesse Harshaw, Landscaper (vmail ext. 306)

Facilities Team    

  • Jack Bauer, Facilities Supervisor (vmail ext. 320)
  • Martha Lagos, Housekeeper (vmail ext. 323)
  • Pierre (Marino) Valcourt, Irrigation Specialist (vmail ext. 319)

Board of Directors & Members


David Manz, Esq., President  
Charles P. Sacher, Esq., Vice President  
Karl Smiley, M.D., Vice President  
Walter D. Haynes, Esq., Secretary / Treasurer  
Charles S. Sacher, Esq., Assistant Treasurer  
Nicholas D. Kelly, Director  
Col. Justin M. Haynes, Director  
L. Patrick Kelly, Director  
Peter A. Manz, Director  
Steve Pearson, Director  
Juanita Popenoe, Ph.D., Director  
Mark Smiley, Director  


Contacting Directors

MBC Directors may be contacted through MBC's executive director.

<Director’s Name>
c/o Dr. M. P. Griffith, Executive Director
Montgomery Botanical Center
11901 Old Cutler Road
Miami, Florida  33156-4242  USA



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