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History of MBCs Palm Collection
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Some of the collectors who contributed four or more accessions to the palm collection, either directly or via Fairchild Tropical Garden, after 1953 and before the expeditions of the 1990s are:

Dr. Fred Boutin - Belize and Mexico
Paul Chai - Malaysia
Nancy Hammer - Costa Rica and the United States
Dr. Fred Essig - Ecuador
Dr. Jack Fisher - Malaysia
Ken Foster - Jamaica, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, and Fiji
Donald Hodel - New Caledonia, Fiji, Hawaii, and Guatemala
DeArmand Hull - Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Papua New Guinea, and Venezuela
Stanley Kiem - Cuba and the West Indies, Guatemala, Brazil, Tanzania, and Malaysia
Arthur C. Langlois - Madagascar
Dr. Harold E. Moore - Malaysia, Australia, Comoros, Vanuatu, Costa Rica, and Mexico
Dr. Richard Moyroud - USA
Dr. Robert Read - Hispaniola and Jamaica
Dr. P. B. Tomlinson - Trinidad and Tobago, and Malaysia
Nina Woessner - Costa Rica

After Nell Montgomerys death in 1990, The Montgomery Foundation became active and began rebuilding the collections with wild, well-documented material.

Rebuilding the Collections - 1992 through 2001

In 1992, The Montgomery Foundation supported its first expeditions. The first expedition was to Brazil and was organized and conducted by Dr. Larry Noblick. Later in 1992, Dr. Terrence Walters conducted an expedition to China. In 1998, the Foundation voted to change its name to Montgomery Botanical Center (MBC). MBC's focus on building high-quality collections for scientific research continued.

There were 41 expeditions from 1992 through 2001. All were supported by MBC (see Expeditions). Some people who participated in the planning and mounting of these palm and cycad collecting expeditions include:

Russell Adams
James Cornett
Hazel Cropper
Dr. John Donaldson
Dr. John Dowe
Nancy Edmondson
George Eiton
Don Evans
Bernard Fisher

Dr. William Hahn
Blas Hermaez
Dr. John Janovec
Rolf Kyburz
Tom Milledge
Victor Miller
Dr. Larry Noblick
Santiago Orts
Joe Perner
Dr. George Proctor
Wilson Quizhpe
Dennis Stevenson
Suroojnauth Tiwari
Dr. Terrence Walters
Loran Whitelock
Joko Witono
Dr. Si-lin Yang
Dr. Elsa Zardini

Those expeditions have directly resulted in the collection of over 370 palm taxa and have added over 2,500 palm specimens to the property. As Montgomery Botanical Center became better known, seed and plant donations to the collection increased, adding another 250 palm plants. Years 1992 through 2001 represent one of the most intensive growth periods for the collection since the 1930s.

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